Courage to care for generations to come

The courage to care means a promise to shape the future, not simply adapt to it. Groups have leading positions in (niche) markets, an essential role in the value chain and are diversified over industries, geographies and stages in the life cycle. They have the ability to adjust to rapidly changing times. SHV Holdings takes a strong interest in the well-being of its companies, without taking operational control. We empower the individual Groups and its employees with the right level of responsibility to run their day-to-day business.

Sustainability plays a key role in our Purpose. We are committed to be a force in driving change for generations to come. Also, we believe that sustainability will offer benefits to SHV and the Groups through improved risk management, better market positioning and continued access to capital and financing.

SHV cares for people, planet and performance:

People remain at the heart of SHV. We will never stop doing all we can to achieve the very best possible working conditions for each and every one of us and facilitate an inclusive and safe working environment.

SHV acknowledges we are reaching several planetary boundaries and is committed to proactively reducing its impact on the world, to safeguard the planet for generations to come.

SHV has established a long history of reliable performance, providing a solid foundation to fuel growth for generations to come.

On the following pages, an overview is provided on the way SHV addresses these topics.

Care for our people

Care for our planet

Care for our performance