Kiwa is an independent global supplier of Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) services. The company serves a wide variety of international markets from renewable energy to food, feed & farm; from industrial safety to cyber security; and from building & construction to drinking water. Alongside these core activities, Kiwa also provides education and training courses, R&D technical consultancy, and data services.


Globalisation has led to a growing need for trust in all aspects of international manufacturing and trade. This trust is built on measurable, tangible proof that substantiates any claim related to the quality, health, safety, sustainability, or reliability of people, products, and services. Kiwa provides impartial verification through laboratory testing, statutory inspection, auditing, calibration, and certification based on widely-supported and independently-defined standards and requirements.

A revamped ‘Kiwa Route 2027’ strategy aims to substantially grow the company’s relevance, service scope, and size. This leap forward, driven by both organic growth and acquisitions with a focus on certain geographies and business sectors, will be essential for maintaining Kiwa as a relevant, independent, and strongly-positioned player in an ever-consolidating and internationalising TIC market.

Kiwa became part of the SHV Family of Companies in 2021, and the integration is now almost complete. Strategic agendas, reporting, people performance management, and audit processes to safeguard Group-wide excellence levels are now all aligned. Several colleagues from SHV joined Kiwa at the Board and at functional levels to further smoothen collaboration while visits to county organisations gave people the opportunity to get acquainted with SHV, its purpose and values. Furthermore, Kiwa colleagues are participating in the SHV management development programmes.

The year was marked by what appeared to be the end of the global COVID-19 pandemic; the increasing effects of climate change; and turmoil from the Russia Ukraine conflict, which impacted the business through the knock-on energy crisis, high inflation, and rising costs. Yet these economic, social, and environmental uncertainties also increased demand for Kiwa services. Sales were boosted by the growing number of policies, the ever-increasing need for digitisation and connectivity, the acceleration of virtual inspections, and cybersecurity-related certifications. A challenge that needs continuous attention is the recruitment and training of people in order to keep up with the growing demand for the Kiwa services.

In 2022, Kiwa celebrated significant new milestones by reaching over 1 billion euros in turnover, a growth of around 60% compared to 2021, and employing over 10,000 people in 40 countries. These achievements represented the execution of a successful business strategy focused on expanding the service portfolio and geographical network in certain geographies and business sectors on a global scale.

In May 2022, Kiwa acquired Belgium’s leading industrial inspections company, Vinçotte. The integration into Kiwa and SHV are proceeding as planned and an overall turnaround plan is being executed. Focus for Vinçotte will be on adding value by consolidating the number one position in the Benelux while also contributing to the global commercial activities of Kiwa in certain segments and in digitalisation.

The Intega companies in Australia were acquired in 2021 and their inspection and infrastructure activities have been reinforced by the add-ons of CMW Geosciences in Australia and New Zealand. This will open new opportunities for further profitable growth in the region. The Intega integration and development of results are in line with expectations.

As part of the consolidation in the market and to further strengthen its position in certain geographies and business segments,  several smaller acquisitions were made: ASI (US), C&D Certified (Ecuador), RN Electronics (UK), BCC (China), PI Berlin and MPA Dresden (Germany), Brand Compliance and ExTEL Energy (Taiwan), Hudson Cybertec (The Netherlands), and CQR (Colombia).

To increasingly position Kiwa at the heart of global markets, a network of Business Sectors to boost international cooperation and sales was further reinforced with a focus on construction, food, feed & farm, medical devices, industrial assets, water appliances, renewable energy and cyber security. Internally, a number of technical platforms have been established to enhance collaboration in fields such as certification, non-destructive testing, personal development & qualification, laboratories, and digital services.

Flow! is a company-wide business transformation and harmonisation program aimed at further digitising and innovating service delivery and supporting Kiwa professionals in their work. During the course of 2022, the program was rolled out across the major Kiwa countries of Norway, Germany, France, and the UK, plus additional companies in the Netherlands. In 2023, the rollout will continue throughout the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, and Vinçotte in Belgium.

Total revenue grew significantly in 2022 following organic growth as well as the results of the acquisitions of Intega, Vinçotte, and other smaller companies. Europe continues to be the main contributor to the results, despite continued challenges resulting from inflation pressure and skilled labour shortages. Therefore, results excluding amortization were higher compared to 2021.

Growth through acquisitions