In the digital era of connected, always-on technologies, the demand for data and analytics (D&A) capabilities has increased exponentially. Companies understand these capabilities are essential not only for maintaining a competitive edge, but also simply for keeping up. As our integrated turnkey data and analytics solution, Adaptfy meets this demand within SHV, contributing to the ability of all Groups to stay ahead of their competitors. 

2023 marked Adaptfy’s third year of existence – and it was a year of significant transformation, signalling a strategic shift in direction as the company matures and grew to 120 professionals.

Adaptfy successfully completed 95 projects over the course of 2023, with another 19 still ongoing. Together, these projects are expected to deliver a cumulative positive impact for SHV Groups, contributing both to overall business results and organic growth. 

Solutions most in demand are related to data infrastructure and maintenance, operational excellence, and commercial excellence. Notable achievements included the creation of a shared data platform for SHV Holdings. Pulse is aimed at breaking down silos, modernising infrastructure, and organising data to support a range of new programmes such as the fully integrated cross-Group job-board. Moving forward it will also support the monitoring of performance delivery of SHV Energy’s business units. Adaptfy also continued to build use cases to support Nutreco’s plans for the future, while also beginning work with Kiwa for the first time.

In addition to providing specialist services to the Groups, Adaptfy has been instrumental in building overall D&A know-how within SHV; developing proficiency across the SHV workforce; and equipping employees with essential digital skills. The new Adaptfy Digital Academy, meanwhile, lays the foundation for an extensive educational and training programme that will reinforce the digital and D&A skills of SHV colleagues.

In light of the myriad socio-economic uncertainties affecting global markets, Adaptfy represents an important asset for SHV. 2023 saw the company make a large contribution not only to the competitive positioning of our Family of Companies, but also to our long-term purpose of courage to care for the generations to come.