We firmly believe that the positive, sustainable development of the societies in which we live and work is as much to our own benefit as it is for the communities around us. That is why SHV is heavily involved in the development of many aspects of our immediate environment, with a particular focus on education. For us, education represents a long-term commitment to people and ultimately, to society. With our business units uniquely positioned to understand the challenges and needs of local communities, our Start from the Heart initiative encourages them to set up and support projects tailored to local needs. By supporting a wide range of educational programmes, SHV is empowering people to support themselves.

In recognisition of all the great inititives taking place locally and to encourage the great work being achieved by Start from the Heart across the SHV Family of Companies a so called Lapwing Award is presented to the best three projects each year.

SUPERGAS foundation is a non-profit charitable trust set up by SUPERGAS, SHV Energy's business unit in India. The foundation supports Agape AIDS Orphan Care, which looks after children orphaned by AIDS in Hyderabad, India. Established in 2013, Agape provides almost 250 children with a safe home, education, medical care, and love.

The Catfish Sustainability Project, funded by Nutreco and Skretting, is a social intervention project aimed at supporting small-scale catfish farmers, helping them to increase productivity, boost income, promote best practice for environmental sustainability, and facilitate an organised catfish farming structure.

Becas Sabor Caribe is a scholarship programme supported by Makro Colombia that offers young people from low-income rural areas the chance to build a better future for themselves through education. Lessons take place in mobile schools and focus is on cooking, accommodation services, and tourism.

The Skretting gets kids to school helps children of primary school age from low-income families in farming regions of Vietnam to get back into education. The scholarship aims to motivate children that have quit school too early to continue their studies, while helping parents to cover the costs. Before the children head back to school, Skretting Vietnam provides them with backpacks containing notebooks, raincoats, masks, and hats to ensure they are equipped with much-needed supplies for the new school year.

Rewrite is an online programme sponsored by Calor Ireland in partnership with Rewrite Education. Helping teenagers to understand their carbon footprint and explore climate solutions and innovations, the programme provides the tools and inspiration to make positive changes and reimagine a brighter, greener future.

Inspiring Girls Foundation has collaborated with Skretting Chile to host a series of talks by leading women in industry. So far, over eighty girls have gathered to hear about the experiences of nine female professionals from Skretting Chile, who shared stories from their personal and professional lives at three events around the country.

The IMC Weekend School Foundation provides additional educational support to Dutch children from the age of ten upwards, in the places this support is needed the most. In partnership with NPM, the school offers a place for children to develop their preferences, talents, and life skills.

The Lapwing Awards

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