Driven by an entrepreneurial mindset, we explore different perspectives on the road to progress, while we listen, learn, and react to create and seize new opportunities.

Innovation has played a key role throughout the history of SHV. We have always shown curiosity and thought creatively, from the first mechanical coal transporter way back in 1904 to today’s FOCUS30 crane (Mammoet) and Digital Innovation Accelerator (SHV Energy).

Thanks to innovation, we have continually adapted to—and often shaped—changing markets by finding new ways to grow.

In 2017, we launched an SHV-wide Innovation Movement to accelerate innovation and stimulate further growth. This continuous focus will enable us to stay ahead in our markets and contribute to a sustainable future. It may take some time, however, before the results are reflected in our financial performance.

The Innovation Movement aims to embed innovation deeply within every Group, while keeping customer needs front and centre. It supports cross-Group co-operation and the exchange of best practices, while at the same time recognising differences in industries and market maturity.

Each Group works with an assigned, dedicated Innovation Lead to focus on the delivery of innovative products, services, and process improvements by managing innovation funnels and ideas. Innovation Leads will also foster cross-Group collaboration and knowledge exchange to enhance our ability to innovate.

In 2020, we introduced TEXAS - an open-innovation program developed to reinforce our digital capabilities, connect to the eco-system, and learn faster than others.

For now, two business challenges have been selected for the TEXAS program. In 2021, we will appoint the partners who will help us solve these challenges. The idea is to make a real business impact, demonstrate value of the program, and take the next step in the development of our Innovation Movement.