Working openly and honestly, we never compromise our values to boost our results. Our values are visible in our everyday actions.

SHV has always been committed to achieving the highest standards of ethics and integrity, with everyone expected to take business decisions that reflect our values.

We all share a responsibility to act with integrity in line with both the law and our own policies. As part of a culture that never has—and never will—tolerate unethical or unlawful behaviour, we have a duty to ensure we do business in a compliant and ethical manner. Any failure to do so will be immediately looked into and appropriate action taken.

SHV management is responsible for embedding this commitment across the business. Independent Ethics & Compliance departments in each Group provide insights into the expected behaviour and support management in maintaining unimpeachable standards. Ethics & Compliance departments also provide colleagues with the right tools to deal with challenging circumstances and difficult dilemmas.

SHV Holdings has in place a clear Ethics & Compliance framework and associated policies. The SHV Groups are responsible for implementing and continuously updating this framework in their organisations. The Ethics & Compliance function works closely with, amongst others, management, HR, Legal and Internal Audit.

As part of the Ethics & Compliance programme, SHV offers a company-wide service within a safe environment for all employees and other stakeholders to voice any concerns about workplace practices. This service, called "Speak Up", is a confidential phone line and webservice that is used throughout SHV.

Together, this comprehensive set of measures helps SHV to meet its strong commitment to an company-wide culture of integrity and trust.