We are tens of thousands talented individuals from all around the world. We are a family of companies active in various industries operating across continents. Our purpose with five accompanying values is the glue that connects us. A defined purpose makes the difference between knowing how we should go about our work and understanding why we are all proud to do so. A long-term vision supported by our shareholders.

From the day we began in 1896, our story has always been about people. Together, we forge our own path rather than follow short-term trends. We see change as an opportunity, not a threat. And we dare to seek new horizons, because they lead to real progress.

Our story is about people with the confidence to believe in themselves and trust in each other. We are driven by a bold entrepreneurial spirit to show curiosity. Think creatively. And shape the future rather than simply adapting to it. We are passionate about making exceptional things happen.

Our story is about people with a genuine determination to lead the way. We are inclusive, see the best in each other, and work with integrity. Never afraid to make tough choices, we stay true to our principles.

Above all, our story is about people with the courage to care for what we do. How we do it. And the impact this has on others, on performance, and on the planet. Always looking ahead. Always moving forwards.

Our story will always be written by people with the courage to care about a better world for today. And a better tomorrow for generations to come. 

The courage to care means a promise to shape the future, not simply adapt to it. For everyone at SHV, every day provides the inspiration to create a better tomorrow for generations to come. This promise goes beyond a theoretical set of values, the purpose is underpinned by the courage to act - even if that means making tough decisions and facing tough choices.

Our goal is to create a better tomorrow for our customers, employees, partners, stakeholders, and society in general both for today and tomorrow. And so, in a fast-changing world, SHV strives to make decisions that balance the well-being of people, the planet and business performance.

Because of an unwavering belief in our people we entrust them with responsibility, giving them the confidence to take the initiative, develop themselves and embrace new opportunities.

To guide our decision-making, in 2019, we aligned ourselves with the most widely-used definition of sustainability as framed by the United Nations in 1987: meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.